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Maintaining Compliance Standards

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The federal Department of Justice, the Office of Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Service, state Medicaid fraud control units, and other enforcement agencies have brought multiple enforcement actions against various health-care practices, including small practices. Don't let unsettled payments bring your company down.
The institutional risks of noncompliance have grown during the last decade from audits and occasional return of payments to formal investigations, prosecution under the False Claims Act, and whistle-blower action.

The personal risks of noncompliance have changed too from money return to exclusion from government programs and loss of practice license. Administrators can be barred from working in the healthcare industry and clinicians, managers, corporate directors, and outside consultants can be jailed for healthcare fraud and abuse. An effective program to prevent and detect violations of law must include at least seven elements listed in steps.
  • Establish compliance rules and procedures to reduce the prospect of wrongdoing
  • Assign high-level personnel to oversee the compliance effort
  • Prevent delegation of substantial discretionary authority to individuals that might engage in illegal activities
  • Implement security procedures to prevent further or future loss
  • Communicate the standards and procedures of the program to all employees
  • Use monitoring and auditing systems to detect criminal conduct and establish and publicize a reporting system to report criminal conduct without fear of retribution
  • Consistently enforce the standards through disciplinary mechanisms, including discipline of individuals responsible for the failure to detect an offense
  • Periodically improve the program to prevent future offences of the same kind
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