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Medical Practice Billing

Team Koronis will maximize your return on investment. We help local Houston area medical practices/emergency care with EMS Billing and Revenue Solutions.

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Air & Ground Ambulance Support

Our dynamic team of ambulance billing specialists have qualified experience to assist your company's revenue retention goals!

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Lower Overhead – Increase ROI

Staffing a full time billing department can get expensive! You stick to what you know and let us do the work. Maximize your returns to grow your business.

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Houston Medical Billing

Houston Medical Billing

Need a professional local company in the Houston area for medical billing, coding or compliance? Koronis Revenue Solutions takes a tactical approach to every new and existing billing account. We know and understand that each billing account is specific to their own individual needs as a company. We remain our focus on the ability to strengthen your company’s revenue capital so that you can excel above and beyond the measures of success in our changing industry.

What are your primary concerns when hiring a Houston medical billing company? We can help address those concerns! Our management team is always available to answer even the most difficult questions to help you ease your mind.

Give Koronis Revenue Solutions a call today for all your Houston Medical Billing questions or concerns. Thank you!

Medical Billing Companies in Houston

Medical Billing Companies in Houston

Searching for a medical billing company in the Houston marketplace can be overwhelming. With so many choices, different companies and different rates, who do you choose and how?

Koronis Revenue Solutions wants to make this decision much easier for you. You have a business to run!

Our knowledgeable billing and coding experts work very diligently to maximize your profit margins and provide your company with a solid return on investment. Save time and let us help you save money when choosing Medical Billing Companies in Houston.

Give us a call today to discuss your medical billing questions!

Medical Billing Texas

Leaders in EMS Billing Services

Koronis LLC takes the stress out of medical billing. If you own or operate any form of emergency care, then of course you want to make sure that you are getting the money you deserve.

Sadly, medical billing can be a burden on time and a major legal hassle. To keep up with day to day changes in code and compliance you would have to monitor the changes in the law all almost constantly. That would severely cut down on the time you could spend making profits. Feel like you’re medic businees isn’t working effectively lately? Don’t let that put a damper on your lifestyle.

Options – Medical Billing Texas

We analyze the key points of your revenue to maximize the profits you receive, all while keeping your business moving. Our team develops a solid financial plan to help your operations, and can even bring you growth projections and analysis for your business. Koronis ensures that we are always up to date with modern medical and billing code to keep you protected. Once your practice is legally covered and financially sound, there is nowhere to go but up. You focus on the patients. Let us handle the EMS billing work for you. Our company has years of experience in bringing you the top revenue solutions.

Too busy saving lives to handle the bills?

You’re not the only one that feels like dealing with first response and financials can be overwhelming. That’s why Koronis LLC offers great solutions for medical billing Texas. Let us handle the hard work of revenue solutions for you. Our team can develop and manage a premium accounting plan and legal billing solutions that keep the revenue in your pocket without the hassle. That will free up more time for you to get more EMS response work done and take away the unnecessary work that could slow your business down. You don’t have to be responsible for life saving operations AND medical billing AND keeping track of billing code and compliance. That’s what Koronis is for!

Give us a call today!

Medical Billing Company Houston

Koronis Revenue Solutions LLC is a local medical billing company Houston area physicians. For questions about medical billing, coding, procedures, policies or current compliance standards, call our knowledgeable local staff at Koronis. Our team is dedicated to your small business success as a local life saver, we support small business growth efforts in the Houston area and appreciate you supporting ours as well. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to helping your company grow!


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