Koronis Revenue Solutions, LLC is a Revenue Cycle Management Company for Emergency Medical Services providing expert claims and revenue management nationwide.

With decades of experience in revenue cycle management, billing, coding, debt collection, and customer service, the experts at Koronis offer increased coding efficiency, compliance, and a streamlined approach that gives emergency medical organizations the ability to reduce administrative costs, while maximizing their revenues.

EMS 911 Billing

Custom revenue solutions designed to suit your needs!

Koronis Revenue Solutions
Koronis Revenue Solutions

Our customized management and billing processes meet the specific needs for each of our EMS clients.

Koronis uses a proven multifaceted approach of seeking out previously unknown third party payers that generate increased revenues for Emergency Medical Services. We manage every step of the billing and claims processes enabling you to focus on patient care.

Why Choose Koronis Revenue Solutions?

  • Increased cash flow
  • We are a full service billing company made up of billing experts
  • Claims are coded by experienced, certified ambulance coders
  • We have extensive experience billing and appealing claims with all payers
  • Personalized customer service
  • Reimbursement recovery programs designed to meet your needs.
  • PCR documentation training

Billing for blood component and whole blood therapy

Koronis Revenue Solutions is once again leading the industry by successfully offering billing for blood component and whole blood therapy in prehospital ground and air emergency medical services.

Contact Susan Nealy the leading expert in the industry by using our contact form.

Koronis Revenue Solutions - First in the industry



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Expert Claims Coding

All Claims are coded by experienced Certified Ambulance Coders.


Koronis provides real time access to our billing system and clearinghouse.

Customer Service

Our customer service agents treat your patients with compassion and respect.


Claims that are underpaid or denied are appealed for full legal reimbursement.

Accounts Receivable

Posting of payments, adjustments, write offs, refunds.


Completing Medicare and Medicaid periodic revalidations requirements.

Compliance Services

Our Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer will work closely with your compliance department.

Record Request

Fulfill attorney records and affidavit requests timely.


Koronis provides customized monthly financial reports to all of our clients.

Patient Invoicing

Monthly patient invoicing including monthly payment arrangements are provided to all Patients.

Documentation Training

Provide medic documentation training designed to improve accuracy and integrity.

Payer Discovery

Koronis deploys proven proprietary payer discovery technology and procedures developed by our team.

Common Challenges with In-House Billing

  • Failing to apply all charges
  • Inappropriate use of level of service
  • Meeting timely filing deadlines
  • Hospice Billing/GW modifier
  • Facility Billing (anti-kickback statue)
  • Medical Necessity – the use of the GY modifier
  • Inappropriate use of ICD-10 and Condition Codes
  • Incorrect Mileage/Fractional Mileage
  • Failure to bill properly when processing MVA incidents
  • Billing incorrect Medicare/Medicaid replacement policy
  • Denials/Appeals

What Effects Your Recovery Rates

  • Electronic PCR vs. manual patient reporting
  • Quality of documentation
  • Establishing medical necessity
  • Capturing demographic and insurance information
  • Obtaining all supplemental forms for billing, such as PCS forms
  • Obtaining signatures
  • Dispatch protocols
  • Intervention protocols
  • Fee Schedule/Charge master
  • Filing claims to the insurance company
  • Deductible Management
  • Timely filing deadlines
  • Timeliness of sending PCR to billing company
  • Payment policy (minimum expectations/requirements)
  • Collection Policies
  • Acceptance of credit card payments
  • Settlement Offers
  • Payer Mix
  • Demographics
  • Indigent Ratio in your area
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